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Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons Book Review


Doing HarmPublisher:  St. Martin’s Press

Date to be Released:  February 4, 2014

Pages:  368

About the Book:

“It’s amazing that there are so many different ways to die in a hospital that have nothing to do with being sick…”

Steve Mitchell, happily married with a wife and two kids, is in line for a coveted position at Boston’s University Hospital when his world goes awry. His over-reaching ambition causes him to botch a major surgery, and another of his patients mysteriously dies. Steve’s nightmare goes from bad to worse when he learns that the mysterious death was no accident but the act of a sociopath.  A sociopath he knows and who has information that could destroy Steve’s career and marriage.  A sociopath for whom killing is more than a means to an end: it’s a game.  Because he is under a cloud of suspicion and has no evidence, he knows that any accusations he makes won’t be believed. So he must struggle to turn the tables, even as the killer skillfully blocks his every move. Detailing the politics of hospitals, the hierarchy among doctors and the life and death decisions that are made by flawed human beings, Doing Harm marks the debut of a major fiction career.

Wanda’s Review:

This medical thriller devoured me from the beginning to its crescendo of suspense at the end. The complex characters display drama and powerful emotions with a plot that moves along quickly, but with meticulous detail.

Dr. Steve Mitchell is a naturally gifted surgeon and one of the best to have come through the training program at University Hospital in the past ten years. University Hospital, located in the heart of Boston, is ranked among the best hospitals in the world. Only the best are chosen to train there and Steve is one of them. When he performs surgery, it is a total rush for him – totally exhilarating. But things go awry and patients are dying mysteriously. And the story unfolds —

Sally Mitchell is married to Steve. She is smart, witty, and exudes confidence. She has the ability to win over many people with her smooth talking charm. She is now a stay at home mom for their two daughters after giving up a highly successful career at the hospital.

Dr. Luis Martinez, a junior resident, is a few years behind Steve in his training program. His job is to take care of all details that arise with patient care in the hospital. He has supreme self-confidence, but always follows the chain of command. He spent time in the military before med school.

Gigi (GG) Maxwell, a rather sinister character, is an attractive med student. GG is smart and a hard worker with a great attitude – a terrific student . But is she just putting on a facade? She is in her sub-internship and will be working closely with Steve and Luis.

Doing Harm is a gripping novel with riveting dialogue . I couldn’t put this one down. Definitely a 5 star novel.

I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review of this book. All opinions shared are my own.




Would you like to listen to the an audio clip from the book? If so, please click here: :


About the Author:

KELLY PARSONS is a board-certified urologist with degrees from Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins, and he is on the faculty at the University of California San Diego. He lives with his family in Southern California. This is his first novel.

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