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Interview with Dr. Gabrielle Francis, co-author of ‘The Rockstar Remedy’

Gabrielle FrancisDr. Gabrielle Francis has been practicing natural medicine for more than thirty years.

She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Licensed Massage therapist. Dr. Francis currently practices in New York City as The Herban Alchemist. She also operates Backstage Alternative, which is her natural medicine road show that provides chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and herbal remedies to performing artists on tour.

Dr. Francis received her formal medical training at National College of Chiropractic and at Bastyr University. She has extensive training in Alternative Cancer Therapies, Environmental Medicine, Functional Medicine, Mind-Body medicine, and Bio-Identical Hormone therapies. Following her formal medical education, Dr. Francis travelled extensively to various parts of the world studying medicine with indigenous healers in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Bali, Brazil, Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Egypt, and Mali.

Stacy Baker Masand is a health, fitness and lifestyle editor whose work has appeared in magazines such as In StyleMarie ClaireSelfShapeFitnessDuJour and Women’s Health. She’s co-author of New York Times bestseller Your Best Body Now. Stacy is currently developing projects for both small and big screen.

Their latest book is the health/wellness/rocknroll book, The Rocstar Remedy.

For More Information

About the Book:

The Rockstar Remedy 2

Known as the “Rock n’ Roll Doctor” to some of the most famous bands in the world, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shares her unique holistic prescription to achieving health and balance—even when you don’t live like a saint!

As a Holistic Doctor to the music industry’s elite, Dr. Francis has helped rock stars repair, recover, and refuel from the demanding schedules and occasional overindulgences that come along with the rock star lifestyle. Being overscheduled, sleep-deprived, overeating, drinking and managing physical and mental stressors aren’t lifestyle habits unique to the music industry; they are the same challenges faced by all of us, every day.

In The Rockstar Remedy, Dr. Francis shares her unique strategies designed to be incorporated into your hectic lifestyle. Her programs are customized to meet you where you are at, whether an experienced health enthusiast or a beginner. Completing the 21 day detox will give you a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life, while looking and feeling your personal best. She explains how health is not a destination, but exists on a spectrum, and the simple act of making better choices every day—even if they’re not the best choices—helps us achieve balance in both mind and body. With tips for improving energy levels, easy food guidelines and a simple no-starvation detox, Dr. Francis offers a simple, effective plan for staying healthy and happy amid the chaos of our daily lives. Her popular “Harm Reduction Techniques” and “90/10 Rule” make it easy to celebrate life with occasional indulgences while maintaining good health. This is not a temporary fix; this program brings long-lasting, life-changing results.

Now you can reach for the stars too!

For More Information

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I am a doctor of natural medicine…Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine. I have a practice in New York City called The Herban Alchemist. I also tour with Rock bands and work as the doctor on tour.   My natural medicine road show is called Backstage Alternative. When I am not writing or working, I am travelling for adventure and to learn about medicine in different parts of the world. I can always be convinced to see some great live music too!

If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?

My next book will be my travel medicine stories. I think that any developing country would do since I seem to find the most interesting healing modalities in remote parts of the world. The Amazon region of Brazil is calling me at the moment. They have some really fantastic ethnobotany there and the rainforest is rapidly dwindling. So I think that should be my next adventure.

What do you find fascinating about the health genre?

I find it fascinating that people read such boring books. I am in the business and I find that most health books are sterile and judgmental. I also find it fascinating how quickly health trends and diets change and how extremely different one philosophy and expert opinion is from the other. It must be extremely confusing to people that are trying to get healthy when many diets and health fads contradict one another.

When was the adrenalin rush – writing that first chapter or the last and why?

The first chapter was the adrenaline rush as I had received my advance and was feeling so empowered and elated that an idea I had for years was received with great enthusiasm from a major publisher.   By the time the last chapter rolled around, the adrenaline was nearly exhausted. I am still working on rebuilding that (with natural remedies of course).

What is the most important thing about your book that we as a reader should know?

The Rockstar Remedy is a non-judgmental and fun approach to health. It will allow you to celebrate and indulge with clever “harm reduction strategies”. It also gives you sound health advice that is highlighted by my backstage stories and anecdotes from the Rockstars themselves. The Rockstar Remedy sees the path to health as an adventure that you won’t want to miss. In other words, “You can have your shake, and eat cake too!”

Your best friend is an aspiring author and his book really sucks. What would you say to him or her?

Writing is a pilgrimage and sometimes the most difficult experiences are the most transformative.   Stay in the moment and get back to writing, But enjoy the journey too!

You’re sitting at a dinner party and seated next to NY bestselling authors. They are intimidating indeed and one of them remarks that your book sucks. What would you say to him or her?

It really depends on my mood that day.

Bad mood: “You must not have read it!”

Good mood: “Well, you are certainly an expert at this. What would you do if you were me to make is suck less?”

You catch someone sitting on a park bench reading your book whether on a e-reader or the real McCoy and you walk over to him or her and what do you say?

“Hello there. I see you are reading The Rockstar Remedy. Can you tell me if your life has changed or transformed in any way from reading that book?”

You’ve just been offered the Pulitzer Prize. Who do you thank?

I would thank all of the Rockstars and Patients that I have seen and treated over the years for sharing their stories with me and for including me on their journey of transformation of body, mind and spirit. I am truly honored.

Any final words?

Join me on the Adventure…..


Baby Boy: A Mother’s Story by Marilyn Pelkey Book Feature – Win a $25 Gift Card!

623038_Personalized Banner Ad without ebook_L1

Baby BoyTitle: Baby Boy
Author: Marilyn Pelkey
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Biography
Format: Ebook

When author Marilyn Pelkey’s son, Kendall, was twenty-seven, he was diagnosed with an unusual and aggressive cancer. Less than two years later, he passed away.

A recently separated father of three children at the time of his diagnosis, Kendall was an outgoing and open-minded man who loved music and saw strangers as friends he hadn’t met yet. In this memoir, Pelkey shares the story of their lives and of Kendall’s battle with cancer. She recalls the history of their family, from her childhood through the youth and adulthood of Kendall and his sister, Elizabeth. She also explores how cancer changed her life forever as she learned to live with this new reality. The year after Kendall’s death, she and many members of Kendall’s family got involved with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and they have worked hard to keep Kendall’s memory alive.

This personal narrative shares a heartbreaking story, but reminds us that there can be comfort found in this second life following the death of a loved one in knowing that you are not alone.



Marilyn Pelkey has worked in health care for the last twenty-five years. Currently she is the activity director of a thirty-five-bed facility. After losing her son, Kendall, to cancer at the age of twenty-nine, Marilyn became involved with the Canadian Cancer Society. She and her husband, Stephen, reside in Saskatchewan.

Marilyn is giving away a $25 Gift Card!


Terms & Conditions:
  • By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.
  • One winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter to receive one $25 Gift Certificate to the e-retailer of your choice
  • This giveaway begins October 5 and ends on October 16.
  • Winners will be contacted via email on October 18.
  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.

Good luck everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Water From My Heart By Charles Martin Book Review


Water from my Heart23197553Title:  Water from my Heart

Author:  Charles Martin

Publisher:  Center Street

Release Date:  May 2015

Pages:  368

Genre: Fiction

Format: Hardcover

Book Description:  New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin’s breathtaking novel of love and redemption.

Charlie Finn had to grow up fast, living alone by age sixteen. Highly intelligent, he earned a life-changing scholarship to Harvard, where he learned how to survive and thrive on the outskirts of privileged society. That skill served him well in the cutthroat business world, as it does in more lucrative but dangerous ventures he now operates off the coast of Miami. Charlie tries to separate relationships from work. But when his choices produce devastating consequences, he sets out to right wrongs, traveling to Central America where he will meet those who have paid for his actions, including a woman and her young daughter. Will their fated encounter present Charlie with a way to seek the redemption he thought was impossible–and free his heart to love one woman as he never knew he could?

Wanda’s Thoughts:  I’m definitely in the minority on this one. It was obvious from the get-go that this book and I were not a good fit, and I didn’t feel particularly satisfied at the conclusion. I found the plot drawn out, especially the first half, and the story-line a bit incredulous. I had to work to get through this one — cumbersome and plodding with the plot shifting from past to present.

On a positive note – there were some powerful scenes with rather intense drama. I was very moved by the scene between Shelly and Charlie on the beach. There was also a message of hope and redemption, and a romance and relationships that tie it all together.

I’m a big fan of this author, but this one just failed to pull me in. My rating – 3.5 stars.

About the Author:  Charles Martin67487
CHARLES MARTIN is a New York Times bestselling author of ten previous novels, including his most recent book A Life Intercepted. His work is available in 17 languages. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and their three sons.
Learn more: