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Wave Links by Randall Boleyn Book Feature

Wave Links banner


Wave Link cover 9-16 copyTitle: Wave Links: Powers Meant For Gods
Author: Randall Boleyn
Publisher: Last Keg Publishing
Pages: 408
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Format: Paperback/Kindle

They feared how the truth might alter Llad Fleck. No one ever told him about his talented ancestors, their extraordinary heritage, or how they died. He never learned that a powerful research institute in England considered him a lethal threat. Other than the need to move on to the safety of a different city every few months, the only thing Llad knew for sure was that the men he played ball against said he had “mad skills not suitable for a fifteen-year-old.”

When Llad meets an eccentric parapsychologist, Dr. Jemma Rask, she explains that she has waited decades just to teach him how to expand his mind and utilize the unique traits which she believes he has inherited. Even though Dr. Rask and her stories come across as way too weird for Llad, he begins studying her techniques. He quickly realizes that just because the link might be there, it doesn’t mean he actually has the talent or the patience to develop his abilities.

After multiple killings shatter Llad’s life, he still doesn’t know who is behind the brutal murders or why he’s involved. But he knows now that he’s fighting for his life against a unknown enemy. He must discover more about his family tree and learn how to control his psychic gifts―if he has any. Alone with his grief, Llad searches for clues about his cryptic lineage while being haunted by reoccurring dreams of a mysterious girl trying to help him master the bizarre talents he will need to survive.

To Purchase Your Copy


Randall Boleyn

When those first few novels transported Randall into the intrigue of other cultures and the complexity of foreign lands, his life changed forever. He wanted to experience those kinds of adventures and ended up traveling the world doing international business while living his own bizarre experiences. Realizing he wanted to create the same kind of stories he loved to read, Randall coaxed the Muse by writing, studying and learning the craft. After years of toiling with the words, the stories suddenly just seemed to happen. It was startling! It was the same joy and surprise he had relished as a reader in guessing how a plot might unfold affecting the characters’ lives. He now writes with the eye and passion of creating that next great story like he would want to read.

Randall now lives in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and is focused on completing the Powers Meant for Gods trilogy to publish by December 2014. Read excerpts and more at and sign-up for Randall’s mailing list for publishing details.

His latest book is the Young Adult Fantasy, Wave Links.

For More Information

Interview with Tony Taylor, author of The Darkest Side of Saturn

Title: The Darkest Side of Saturn

Author: Tony Taylor

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 492

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Ebook

Purchase at AMAZON

It’s 1997 at a mountaintop observatory in Southern California where spacecraft navigator Harris Mitchel and astronomer Diana Muse-Jones discover a dangerous asteroid which may hit the earth within two decades. As the asteroid tumbles through space towards an uncertain impact, Harris and Diana fight bitterly over how to announce their discovery. When Harris goes public to a skeptical world—at the cost of his and Diana’s careers—he sends their already turbulent relationship into a blaze of conflicting passions. As his notoriety builds, a fanatical preacher and his unhinged followers stalk him while an obnoxious radio personality provides disruptive help. Harris becomes an unwilling Pied Piper for his own overzealous followers hungry for belief and eager for guidance into an uncertain and tumultuous future. In this science fiction drama the characters battle each other in contests of Damn your world view! against a background of hard science, religion, romance, metaphysical speculation, and the forces of nature versus human passions and dreams. Meanwhile an asteroid hurtles through the solar system and global salvation or disaster hangs in the balance. “A courageous and visionary work … an instant classic.” —BlueInk Reviews




Could you please tell us a little about your book?

Among other things, it’s an asteroid story set in 1997. An astronomer and an engineer co-discover a two mile wide asteroid that might or might not hit the Earth in 16 years. They quarrel over how to announce it to the world, but the subtext of their fighting is the attraction they feel for each other and the possibility of an illicit romance; illicit because they’re married to other people. Finally he goes behind her back and announces the discovery publicly—and all hell breaks loose between them.

He goes on to become a reluctant prophet of doom and an unwilling guru for Believers who crave spiritual guidance, like an unwitting Pied Piper leading them off a cliff. Along his odyssey of changing from geek to guru, he tangles with a fundamentalist preacher and a controversial radio talk-show host. The conflict between all the characters eventually causes hell to break loose again. Meanwhile the asteroid, Babylym, tumbles through space toward an uncertain rendezvous with Earth.

Since the story is set in an alternate world slightly different from ours, I felt free to speculate on metaphysical things like the fate of the Earth and the universe, the meaning of life, and the answers to other religious, philosophical, and metaphysical questions, all asked and definitively answered in the story. I even threw in a little ballet for entertainment value. You know, all those things that naturally go together like asteroids, religion, science, sex, and dancing.

Who or what is the inspiration behind this book?

I was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the early 80s watching the first pictures come down from the Voyager spacecraft after it flew by Saturn. The planet had grabbed Voyager with its gravity and flung it upward out of the plane of the solar system, and now we were looking back and down at the night side nested inside the crescent of the day side, and from that higher perspective came a view that had never been seen before. Saturn had always, in all of history, never been more than a 2 dimensional disk painted onto the celestial sphere from where we saw it on Earth. But now for the first time, from a new perspective higher than the one we had before, the shadow cutting across the rings and that darkness nested into light made the planet real. It had finally become a three dimensional sphere floating in space, and the title popped into my head. The Dark Side of Saturn (Darkest came later). The dark side contrasted against the light made it real.

I didn’t start writing the story until a decade later and by then I’d figured out what that meant: the yin and yang aspect of the world. How opposites taken together from a larger perspective make a whole. Good and evil, science and religion, faith versus understanding, male versus female, each provides context for the other, and out of that you get something more complete than either one by itself. That’s one of the deeper reaches I intended.

What cause are you most passionate about and why?

Space. I was a space cadet even before there was a space program. I remember being laughed at as a dreamer in high school right up until Sputnik launched in 1957.
I wanted to be an astronaut before there were astronauts. I detoured into flying for the Air Force. Then I went back to school and got a degree in Physics. I applied to the astronaut corps, but no luck, so I decided I’d do the next best thing and navigate unmanned spacecraft. I had no clue at that point that I’d eventually join the space program and go to every planet in the solar system (metaphorically of course, since we navigate our spacecraft from the ground).

Do you have any rituals you follow when you finish a piece of work?

I’d like to say that the ecstasy of finishing both my novels led me to get rip-roaring fall-down drunk, but it didn’t. Mostly it caused a sigh of relief and a few days of self-back-patting and catching up on everything that had been put aside—until I had to put everything aside again, and begin the harder tasks of publishing and promotion. After finishing those, I’ll consider a drinking binge again.

Who has influenced you throughout your writing career?

I started off as a science fiction fan, so authors like Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), Arthur C. Clarke (Childhood’s End), and Robert A. Heinlein (Time Enough for Love) were influential. In college I branched out, particularly enjoying Lord of the Flies, Catch 22, and Crime and Punishment. I like authors and books that haunt you, that make you think, that walk around in your head for days after you finish reading.

What are some of your long term goals?

At my age, I probably ought not to set long term goals, but looking just a few years ahead, I want a movie! I already tweeted Megan Fox and offered her the lead female role in Darkest Side. Now all I need are a producer, director, financial backing, the rest of the cast, and a screenplay. Almost there! I might be a tad too old for the male lead myself, but I think Ryan Gosling might be a good choice. Or Andrew Garfield.

But Megan hasn’t answered my tweet yet, and besides that, she’d have to dance ballet. I’m not sure she can. I might have to offer the part to Natalie Portman. I know she can do the ballet.

Beyond that might be another book, but considering how long it took me to write The Darkest Side of Saturn, I’ll probably want to name the next one The Darkest Side of Pluto and write it from an alternate universe.

Tony Taylor spent a long career navigating NASA spacecraft—including Voyager, Cassini, Mars Polar Lander, Galileo, and MESSENGER—to every planet in the solar system. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and earned an MS in physics from the University of Arizona. Tony and his wife, Jan, live in Sedona, Arizona.

The Love Below by Dr. Shereese V. Battle Book Blitz – Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: The Love Below

Author: Dr. Shereese V. Battle

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Pages: 216

Genre: Self-Help

Format: Ebook

Purchase at AMAZON

Are You Ready For Change?
Read. Reminisce. Receive. Restore.

Ever dated someone and felt the need to take drastic measures to preserve your feelings? 

Yeah, me too!  You want to give more of you, show more of yourself, and open up a little more.  But, you’re afraid!  You’re afraid that something so sweet could become so bitter.  So you caution yourself…  See, the beauty in Robot Love is it doesn’t have to end!  So, take your time and be mindful of your emotions.  But, keep in mind that, it’s OK for one Robot to love, and miss another.

Have you ever received a call from someone and felt the need to go into IMMEDIATE Prayer?

You think, “Lord, should I answer this call?”  Sometimes, you have to push the call-end button.  Quite frankly, I find myself doing it more often.  It’s not because I don’t want to be of service, but it’s hard to help someone who becomes rebellious against assistance.  So, help if you can.  But, know that it’s OK to let him/her go so you can grow.

Remember when you were a kid and had imaginary talks with yourself about growing up?

Yeah me too!  I can still hear my mother saying, “You better stay a child as long as you can.”  Momma told me there would be days when I wish I were still a kid.  And you know what?  “She ain’t ever lied!”  Despite my age, I still need her help.  I never anticipated facing so many challenges as an adult.  From me to you…Just be careful with what you wish.

The Love Below is an empowering, self-help guide for overcoming life-changing situations. This book will also provide practical tools to help reflect on the past by offering essential steps to move toward a healthy future.  Shereese Battle is a certified and credentialed Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and Therapist.  Shereese is publisher of Robot Love HeartWrites Publishing ( She can be contacted



Shereese Battle, a certified and credentialed Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and Therapist, is a devoted woman of Christ, and the mother of two: Chynah (seventeen) and Ayden (five).  Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA, she relocated to California in 2010.  After losing her mother in December 2009, Shereese was broken and shattered.  However, she sought healing and instead of being defeated by grief, she used wisdom and prayer to help ease the pain.  It was during this time that Shereese also had an epiphany, which prompted her to a Holy Spirit-led move across the country.  She knew as long as she had Jesus, she had everything!  This was the beginning of her new life.Since 2010, Shereese has been an ongoing student with Liberty University.She holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, a Masters of Arts in Life Coaching, and she is currently enrolled in Liberty University Seminary School where she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling for Marriage and Family.  She has also completed and graduated from two years of ministry school.  In addition, she holds a degree in Developmental Disabilities.Shereese currently resides in Southern California with her children.  She loves devoting her time to things that will add and bring volume in her life.  Her mission is to continue to allow God to use her, bless others unconditionally, and to live every day in appreciation.  It is here where she is focused on creating the change that she would like to see, as well as, growing in her purpose so that she can continue figuring out who she is by becoming a better person.  She loves baking, being creative, playing tennis, traveling, and writing, as well as, meeting new people.  She can be contacted at

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